Layover in Madrid… Malasaña

Today we want to give you 3 good reasons to know a little more, during your stopover in Madrid, the capital of Spain, specifically one of it’s most famous neighborhoods: Malasaña, the hipster heart of the city. 

1.- Cafés and bars

The city of Madrid is full of bars, but none like these… To have some “cañas” during the day, to go to party at night, for breakfast or for brunch time, this neighborhood has something special that you will discover as soon as you put your feet on it.

2.- Vintage stores

Grandfather’s shirts mixed with tracksuits…. yes you are definitely on Malasaña. This neighborhood is full of these vintage stores where you can find clothes for all tastes, so you’re lucky.


3.- People

neighborhood is made by its people, and”malasañans” are not going to let you down. Writers, artists, bearded hipsters… The best way to know a little more about its authentic essence is meeting the inhabitants of Malasaña during your stopover in the capital of Spain.

Because Malasaña is more than a neighborhood, Malasaña is an attitude. 


Happy weekend!

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